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"Don't argue with me. I'm right. I always will be right. And if I'm not right, I won't say anything. Did you want to say something?"

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Ceceilla is never wrong. She can go a little nuts when people try to prove her wrong, because she is always right. Most of the time she is a loud, rude, fun-loving woman who is easily annoyed and has a very hot temper - she fears becoming "nice." If you upset her, do NOT stand in her path or you're going to get hurt. Yet when challenged to be ladylike, she easily rises to the occasion due to her family background, and then you would swear she is a different person.

Cece's wealthy family ran a winery in Nantes, France. Her abusive, alcoholic father made the lives of Cece and her mother miserable, though. One of his affairs produced Cece's half-sister Hailey.

When her parents were killed, Cece's relief at her father's death was overwhelmed by anger and depression at losing her mother. She fled to Greece and spent several years with her cousin Jaquelyn before returning to France to run the winery herself. From there through some dimensional portal, perhaps, she stumbled upon the Midnight Tavern and Wanderer's Inn, where she spends most of her time.

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Cece's long curly hair is sandy brown with blonde highlights, and her eyes are aquamarine. At the age of 30, she appears to be only about 22 years old. Usually she wears a white or ivory button-up silk shirt loosely tucked into second-skin black leather pants. She wears silver bracers which hold the silver dirks given to her by Arthur. On her feet are black leather pirate boots, with a hidden dagger in the left boot. Her skin is tan, and she is forever obsessed with her appearance. Around her ankle (though usually hidden by her boots) is a tattoo of green ivy twining its way all around her ankle. Most of her scars are usually taken away by her demonic healing abilities, so her face and the rest of her body are flawless, just the way she likes it.

Adopted by the late Athdara McKechnie after her arrival in these realms, she counts the entire McKechnie clan as family, though at present she belongs to the Garramonde familia. The great joy in her life is her fiance, Talon, and their daughter Chloe-Renee.

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Though she is part demon, her powers are limited. She has her demonic strength and is also a shapeshifter, and skilled with the element of fire, which strengthens rather than harms her. Her enchanted silver dirks are deadly. She is also able to heal minor wounds due to the Wyrm-blood in her veins, though to heal major wounds requires the help of another demon, or a great deal of time for her to do it herself.

Ceceilla is not skilled in magic other than the use of fire, but is excellent in hand-to-hand combat. Though she isn't one to pick fights, she will jump into the fray instantly when her friends are in danger. She does enjoy taunting fools into attacking her, so that she may teach them a thing or two.

Today she still runs the winery from her home in the "castle" with Talon and Chloe. She is wealthy in her own right now, but knows from bitter experience that money cannot buy happiness. She is happy now anticipating her marriage to Talon and the chance to have her own family.


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