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NarcissaHer hair is red, her eyes green. On her back is a clan tattoo, and she bears multiple scars from stab wounds. She is 30 years of age, 5'9" tall, weighing 130 pounds. Her name is Narcissa.

She comes from the Highlands, where her family and clan were destroyed by Grendels. From the age of eight she was raised by an old warrior who taught her all her fighting skills. In her teens she made a good living as a hired assassin. Now, though, having made her home in and around the realms of the Peaceful Warrior Inn and Medieval Times, she fights for honor.

Narcissa was once married to Fatal Desire. She bore him one child, Sharina, and adopted four others - two sons and two daughters - who now train in the far east. After coming to these realms, Narcissa fought her way to the position of highest warrior when the Tribunal, recognizing her power, granted to her the promise of godhood upon her death. Narcissa is the Avatar of Isis.

She is, in her own words, the strongest in the realm with hand-to-hand combat. Skilled in the martial arts, she can throw a mean punch; in addition, she is a master swordsman and dagger thrower. The full-fitted body armor she wears is not easily penetrated, and she possesses two items of note: the indestructable Skullsword, which has the formidable powers of Skullhunter, and the ring of Tribunal (rarely used). She makes allies easily and will seduce her enemies to win them over.

Then again, Narcissa is mortal and uses little magic in combat. Mages can control her if they penetrate the aura of Tribunal. She can be her own worst enemy if her ego gets the better of her judgment.

Honor is everything to Narcissa, and she would willingly die to defend it. She has little concern for power but will take any that may come her way. She will defend the weak at a moment's notice, and takes great pride in her fighting abilities.

Her destiny, she says, is to join with Tribunal upon her death.


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