aniflashli.gif (17278 bytes) A black-skinned body with sleek, armor-like scales. Sharp horns protruding from the top of his head all the way to the tip of the dangerous tail. Three long claws on each four-fingered hand, and leathery dragon-like wings. Nearly seven feet tall, weighing almost 300 pounds. Eyes solid onyx. Lives by feeding upon the hate and violence of others.

Throughout time Hate has plagued the world. Through the various injustices, prejudices, and other pains inflicted by mankind, the creature known as Hate Daemon has arisen. More of an emotion embodied than an actual being, he was formed in times long forgotten in a fierce body. The villages he plagued gave him the name he currently holds, Hate Daemon.

After arriving in the Supernatural realms, he allied himself with Exodus, taking a servant's role. Hate Daemon aided in the torture of Echo and the murders of James K'tarn and Ebonie, as well as a host of other creatures both with Exodus and on his own. Shortly after these violent exploits, he was destroyed by Dragon Teers, but the current climate of hatred, anger and violence has brought him back from oblivion. His body re-formed in the place where he was first defeated.

Hate Daemon's intelligence is above average, compared to the common mortal. The powers of hate and destruction are at his command. Using an energy force of pure hate, he can disintegrate any substance, given enough time, and some quickly, such as clothing and the top layers of flesh. He may also corrupt things such as food and weapons, causing them to spoil and rust. He is able to "teleport" by dissolving his body into a gas-like substance and moving it elsewhere, though this uses much of his power stores.

His pure hate energies are also capable of several other feats. All his powers run on the energy he has collected from the negative emotions of others, and he must refuel this energy periodically. This is usually not difficult to do, since he earns hate from those surrounding him. He may completely repair his body from the emotions, or direct it into attacks.

His only weakness is a slight one: Just as negative feelings revive and empower him, positive feelings have the reverse effect. Many of the lesser emotions of love will slightly repel him but not hinder him much. Greater emotions of love will completely repel him, causing him to be physically unable to get near the source of the feeling. If false love or affection is directed at him, he will be confused and will either run or destroy the source. If true love was ever to be felt for him, he would be devastated ... but who among us is capable of true love for Hate?

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