Mazriam Taim

In order to understand Mazriam Taim, one must first glimpse understanding of the Great Wheel...

The Wheel of TimeThere is a Great Wheel that spins out a pattern called Time, and all things are threads of this pattern. Certain people can tap into the One Power that drives the Great Wheel, according to their gender. Males Channel from that part of the Power which is called Saidin, and females from the part called Saidar.

Now in the dim past, the Dark One put a Taint on Saidin, that men who Channel should in time collapse into insanity. By this tactic the Dark One sought to keep male Channelers out of the struggles between good and evil. The female Channelers, known as the Aes Sedai, chose to help the world by this means: They sought out male Channelers and severed their links with the One Power to save them from insanity. Yet the males do not wish to part with their powers ...

Mazriam TaimMazriam Taim is one of those men who are Channelers. He is 27 but looks to be in his mid to late fifties. He is 6'2", weighing 165, with grey hair and light brown eyes.

To know Mazriam Taim is to know the power he wields. Born, in another realm, with the ability to Channel the power that moves time forward, he has always known of a destiny of greatness, yet has always failed to achieve it. In his younger days his only living family member, a brother, was made into a vampire. Since that day it has been Taim's quest to rid the world of all such bloodsucking monsters. After moving to this new realm, he gathered those who could wield the same power as himself in hopes of forcing order upon the realm.

Taim is generally kindhearted toward most, but his hatred for vampires is a passionate obsession. Due to the taint on Saidin, he is mentally unstable, and his great fear is of the Aes Sedai, who would strip him of his powers. He is M'hael of the clan Asha'man. His family includes JulianTaim, Rozey Darlin, and Nick King, Jr. -- and he is soon to be married to JasmineBreez. Friends and allies include XxWhitexX, Haji II, Kittana, Ri'anah, and Shiffter.

As a Channeler, MazriamTaim can wield the Flows and Weaves of Saidin...

The Flows of Saidin

  • Air: Weaving air, he can manipulate all things around him, as well as bind, gag or otherwise incapacitate those around him.
  • Fire: The ability to create objects from fire as well as ignite small flammable objects.
  • Water: The ability to breathe water or give others such an ability.
  • Earth: The ability to make the earth explode at one's feet.
  • Spirit: The ability to communicate directly with another's mind.

The Weaves of Saidin

Weaving one or more of the Flows of Saidin together, Taim has these abilities:

  • Gateways: Creating spatial openings from one place to another.
  • Healing: The ability to heal others.
  • Stilling: The ability to permanently remove Channeling power from another.
  • Balefire: By far the most powerful of his abilities, Balefire removes an object/person/creature from time, hours or days before the present. This destroys that which he removed completely, and erases all its effects back to the moment of its destruction.

Yet beware ... for the Taint on Saidin is slowly driving him insane ...

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