Mingeltear's self-portraitMingeltear has waist-length dark brown hair that she usually wears in minute corn-rows for convenience. She wears two bald eagle feathers and one red hawk feather in her hair. Her skin tone is a golden olive, much like the golden coat of the mountain lion. She has no scars or visible markings on her body, and her skin is as smooth as satin.

She wears her hair free and wild, except in the spring and summer months when the heat and sweat causes the mass to knot. Then BloodMoonTyres usually corn-rows her hair for her about every 6 weeks. One would have to get very close to notice that her hair is corn-rowed. Mingeltear has learned to trust the eyes of her friend.


Being very athletic, she is usually running or swimming, hiking or walking, and comes into the Inn or the Tavern to get a Mountain Dew to cool herself off while talking to her friends and meeting new faces. There you will find her in her usual attire of Spandex and workout tees. Underneath is a bodysuit and an assortment of weapons you do not see without the tee. She carries daggers, arrows in their quiver and a bow, and double short swords. She smiles openly and freely and loves to tease those she calls her Friends. Upon Special occasions, you may find Mingeltear dressed in Holy Robes.


Mountain LionWhen she changes, now more by her own will than by moon phases, she is a large mountain lioness. She is old enough to keep her human wits about her in that form, though she cannot say one word. She is playful and protective. She loves to stretch out in front of the balcony doors and lay in the breeze. If she does not change voluntarily during the month, though, then she will have no control over the change when it happens to her during the full moon, and she will not be guaranteed her human wit. In this case, during each of the five nights of the full moon a complete mountain lioness could be roaming around.

She gives her occupation as Holy Woman/Fighter/Hunter (for food only). Her goals, Mingeltear says, are: To make a home for herself where she can be accepted for what she is and not what others expect her to be. To help those who truly need help. To find a mate and maybe have another child. To serve as a "Bonder of Souls" in the rites of marriage.

Mingeltear is a level-headed being, and is kind and gentle to a fault. People will often misunderstand her when they hear her, for what they take as complete barbarism, she might think is a clever survival tactic. She loves to laugh, even if the joke is on her. She has been known to dig under the earth and sleep during the day near rocks or trees if the day is terribly warm. This is a preference, as is swimming in the small pool by the valley each day. Nothing to her is more refreshing than the smell of the earth, plants, water and clean air. And she is not adverse to eating the fish in the pool who get too close.


History: As a Lycanthrope, Mingeltear was born in 1802. At the rapid rate of a Lycanthrope, she had achieved adulthood by the age of 7 human years. Her father was the Clan Leader, Black Paw. He was a powerful mage for the tribe, and his wife, Grittlebaum, served as a powerful healer and Holy Woman for the People. Together, with their combined magics, they enabled the Clan to live and thrive in the Native American Culture in Montana.

It never ceased to be a disappointment to her father that Mingeltear had no special powers with magic or magical healing, as her mother did. So she learned from the humans in the surrounding villages how to find herbs, cure them, blend them and tend wounds. Mingel lived for three years with the Blackfoot tribe. She was happy among these humans, and they were not plagued as badly by wolves and other prairie creatures as many of the other tribes were.

Then her father sent for her. Sitting inside the lodge waiting nervously, she heard a great commotion outside. Her mother appeared in the door and told her to come with her. When they stepped out into the bright sunlight she was temporarly blinded by the sun and could not focus on the person in front of her. Her mother gently turned her around and walked her behind her father. Getting back some of her vision, she peered around the arm of her father and saw the most beautiful Lycanthrope male she had ever seen in her life. She ducked back, blushing furiously when the bidding began. There were four men trying to trade for her, and her father was holding for the best bid. The beautiful one was silent, she saw as she peered again around her father's arm. But ... he was looking at her! And he smiled a slow soft smile that touched her heart and bound her soul in his golden eyes.

Her eyes never left his face as he outbid the others. Her father took her by the hand and walked her to the young man, and then her mother bound their wrists together, thus binding their hearts and souls as one.

Mingeltear and Dark Masque had a daughter he named Teneya. She was killed during a raid on the village in the winter of 1822, when was only four human years old. Ever since, Mingel's worst fear has been of losing another child. Dark Masque sought revenge and rode for years with Mingeltear by his side looking for the raiders. In the summer of 1836, he left camp early one day to scout ahead and was shot and killed by Spanish landowners in northern California.

Mingeltear mourned him deeply -- so deeply, in fact, that her mother made a potion for her to drink which slowed down the rate of her life, giving a naturally long life its due course many times over. These effects were not known until later, when Mingeltear saw herself 68 years later in a mirror. She barely looked 20 Human years old!

She has walked through love, death, wars and humanity. Mingeltear may look 20, but her mind will never be twenty again.

Since coming into the realm, Mingel has found love, friends and happiness. She laid down her swords by Oath, to devote herself more fully to the art of healing. During this period of time, she met a young man named Bayne, whom she learned to love. They pledged to each other that they would marry. One day while she was taking leave in the Wanderer's Inn, she suffered an attack by Slavers and was beaten literally within inches of her life. She cast a spell on herself that would preserve what was left of her tattered life in hopes that friends would hear about the attack and help her. She melded with the earth.

Because of her weakness at the time of the casting, the spell would only hold for 10 hours. Then she would turn to her fleshy form and suffocate in the earth.

Mingel had no idea that she was pregnant.

BloodMoonTyres and Rictor finally located her in the garden beneath the old oak, deep within the tall ferns. Using High Magic, they wrapped her in a cocoon of suspended animation and sent to the Hawk Brothers in Kai 'Sheyna Veil.

Having lost most of her recent memories, Mingel noticed that the young man who was helping her heal resembled someone so much (Bayne) that she fell in love with him, mistaking his idenity for another's. Happy and aching, she began her long healing. The Hawk Brothers used little magic on her, believing, and teaching her, that magic should used only in encouraging the body to heal. Yet enough powerful node magic was used on her that when she delivered her twins, in half the normal gestation time, the babes were blue-eyed and whitish blonde. And the magic had transformed the twins into full Bastets, killing their father's genetic traits.

Her own Bastet appearance had suffered as well, leaving her with gray and white as her Pumoca colors, but this the Adepts corrected in her. The twins, however, could not be changed, as this was now part of their genetic makeup. They are the only two blue-eyed, smoked blue on white pumas in the realm.

After the birth of the twins, Mingel married MoonWind Kai'Vala, thinking him to be the man she loved and the father of her children. (All Hawk Brothers are whitish-blonde with sky blue eyes.) The marriage ended in a disaster. Both were angry and hurt, and she was no closer to knowing the father of her children than before.

herbs2.jpg (5081 bytes)She then became a student of WinterStorm, a Healing Adept in the Veil, who tutored her in the arts of Mind Magics and Herbal Healing. She sits with him quit often, while he explains the different functions of each herb and guides her through her Mind Speech lessons.

With the Warrior part of her now in the arms of her goddess, she endeavors to be a good mother and eventually, a Healing Adept.


Abilities and Powers:

Mountain lion

  • Ability to change into a mountain lion (cougar) at will.
  • Can perform marriages.
  • Is a skilled fighter.
  • Is (like most cats) ambidextrous.
  • Is limber and gymnastic in her fighting abilities.
  • Is a keen listener and an intelligent being.

Of course, she can die, like any Lycanthrope.

Now in the Supernatural realms, her best friends include BloodMoonTyres, NocturnaLord, Spiritez, The Sidhee, Cinny, Xena and her spunky side-kick Gabby, DrkWhisper and Arctic Wolf -- and, she says with a smile, "many, many more."



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