I am Ourus

I am 5'11" and weigh 150 pounds

My hair and eyes are silver

I am 21

I am a Sadoran


Ourus was born and raised upon the world of Sadora up to the age of 16 of their years. His era was that of Earth's 2560, and it is not documented just where. The Sadorans were peaceful in nature - their last war had ended almost 150 years before. To preserve their peaceful lifestyle, the Sadorans by policy banished anyone who had the potential to disrupt their society. Ourus is one of the banished.

I am Ourus

In addition to his silver hair and eyes, Ourus is remarkable for the tattoo on his torso, displaying a half-emptied hourglass, and another tattoo, this one a shimmering raindrop (obviously a drop of "acid rain"), etched from his upper right shoulder to his right pectoral muscle. A third tattoo was added later: that of a shattered lightbulb.

Keeping with the theme of chromium silver attire, Ourus shifts from style to style, sometimes donning flashy kimonos, sometimes even a Wall Street business suit. What matters is that his garb shines with the gleam of silver.

Ourus at 18

Ourus has an ever-shifting mentality. When he first appeared in the Supernatural Realms, he was very kind, but he has grown more bitter in nature over the short period he has resided here. He is a member of the Garramonde Familia and employed by them, and his goals, he says, are "to grow in his family, and in usefulness, and to becomes what his mentors wish him to be."

I am Ourus

Ourus at 21

Ourus left the Garramondes, feeling he was less a family member and more a tool, a weapon, in their arsenal. He sought an actual family -- a home -- with Vampire and Kin, hoping that they could sate his eternal longing for friendship, companionship, and that feeling every human knows at some time in his life: hope.

During the testing of his abilities, Ourus managed to defeat Dr. Static and AngleDemon in spar situations. He was also challenged on several occasions by Phoenix Lord Josh who, by the time they finished, had come out on the bottom end of the bracket.

But with this new-found fame, Ourus was destined to suffer again the fate he had feared since he was a child of 16: he found himself once more classified as a weapon.

Ourus vowed his life to protect a very pretty girl called Shadow, the adopted daughter of his friend Raksasha. On several occasions this vow brought him face to face with Josh or Exodus, each a very powerful fighter, yet Ourus survived to marry Shadow on the night of July 3, 1997. Then, tragically, his only reason for living any longer was cut short. Shadow was slain in attempt to thwart Ourus from his promise to the V&K.

Now driven two ways, chased by assassins, on a quest to destroy the killers of his only love, Ourus was torn between many worlds -- quickly growing insane with each pulsating beat of his red heart. And, to Ourus's horror, the one place where he had felt "safe" was perhaps turning against him, for rumor had that V&K, like the Garramondes, had placed him in the ranks of "assets," again giving him the feeling of being an inanimate object, agitating his psychotic nature still more.


Ourus has the ability to manipulate photons in one or more beams of light to change properties and/or effects. He can manipulate the motion of particles in the air about him to create currents or pressures to his advantage. (This power reacts subconsciously.) He can also manipulate the production and release of hormones and other such chemicals within an organic body to produce a given result.

He has a keen accuracy with projectile weapons, which he often uses as opposed to his natural abilities. Originally a Beretta 920 was his weapon of choice, but after losing this in a freak accident, he turned to a Colt Anaconda .44 magnum, a $1,700 weapon. Later he became skilled with a Neo City Entropy Device, NeoTeric crystal, Psionic Negator, and Electro-Magnetic Pulse cannon. These latter devices are very rarely used.

Final Notes

Ourus arrived here an innocent, and was too easily swayed by outside influences. Partial ignorance of his own abilities limited him at first. Then, too, strange earth emotions puzzled him, and many doings upon this plane posed conundrums to his abstract-thinking mind. On many occasions, though, he proved to be brighter than one might expect.

But after he "hung up his blades" at the request of his wife Shady, and she was slaughtered by Exodus in an attempt to draw him into Exodus' forces, Ourus lost the ability to control his emotions. He rejected Exodus and reclaimed his blades. He began suffering from insomnia, carrying a feudal-age Japanese katana with engraving of a burning dragon, and wearing an elbow-length sleeved, chrome and black silk shirt, and a silk mawashi belt.

Ourus, bereft of his wife, went spitting mad.

I am Ourus

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