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Maxim Ghastly the Noble is 6'2" tall with a rugged, muscular build. His hair is dark blood-red and spiked into seven foot-long clumps, his eyes deep blue. He might look 28, but he is really over 400 years old.

Maxim's father, Akar, was an immortal human; his mother, Yiro, was mortal. Thus their son is immortal but not invulnerable.

One winter's day young Maxim was daydreaming in the forest, pretending to be a spy against an army, when he spotted a stick protruding from a frozen pond. Being a curious lad, he went to pull the stick from the ice. As he did so, the trees shivered violently and a storm began to swirl, the snow flying everywhere. Flashes of lightning struck the sword sending sparks cascading around him, and Maxim quaked but did not let go as the power struck him.

Then everything seemed to stop at once. The sword glowed green, a small medallion on the hilt glowed red, and as Maxim held the sword, he felt power surge through him. He had found the sacred Dual Blade.

On his way home Maxim learned much about the Blade, finding he could use his native Elemental powers to summon it and shoot ice, fire, earth or wind from the unbreakable sword. But when reached home he found tragedy. The door was ripped from its hinges, the house ransacked - and his parents lay dead in pools of blood.

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The youth fled weeping into the forest, running heedlessly until he tripped over a root and went tumbling down an enormous hill. Dazed from the painful fall, he slowly came to realize that he had landed just outside the doors to an elven kingdom. The elves rescued him, taking him before their king, Thigor, who recognized the boy's potential and made Maxim his new "project."

Over the next 200 years Thigor taught Maxim the ancient mind powers of psionics. At the end of this time, Maxim set out to increase his education, coming upon a tribe of elders in the forest. One of these, Ghurtof, offered to train Maxim in healing. Another two centuries passed until he had mastered White Magic's healing aspects, so that he can even resurrect with enough concentration.

When Maxim came to the Realms, Lady War took him under her wing and offered him a high rank in her DragonFyre Clan. He accepted, but before long realized this was not right for him. Lady War reacted to his wish to leave by ordering the entire Clan to shun him.

Soon after Maxim took over the Bleeding Rose Clan, but it was disorganized and soon fell. An attempt to join V&K in the Supernatural realms failed, so he reclaimed Bleeding Rose, this time with a new purpose: to cleanse the Realms of evil and wrongdoing, and to bring peace and justice. Before long Bleeding Rose was the strongest clan in the RP Realms, with allies everywhere, including Solace and the Garramondes. But as time passed the members seemed to drift away.

About this time he met Snowfire, and although they separated briefly due to his infidelity with a Neo by the name of Sinner, they were reconciled and married. A leadership deal with Embermage has put Maxim in power in the Valeria Clan. In addition to Embermage, his closest friends are Moira Shea and Jainus.

He fears nothing, is hyperactive, and is flawed by a too-hasty temper. Taunting him or his friends is a good way to send Maxim into a furious rage, usually ending up with the death of the person with the big mouth.

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