Baron VonToc

Born near London in 1640 to a rich family, Baron VonToc was sent to the palace of Charles I to seek his keep. He became one of the court musicians, and fled England during the Civil War. A friend to the exiled king Charles II, he returned with him from France in 1660.

VonToc enjoyed five years as a court favourite until he insulted a visiting wizard with rude comments. The wizard cursed him to a life of evil, drawing the life out of people via their blood. The young Baron fled London and wandered, destroying lives by his thirst, bitterness and need to create misery.

He returned to England around 1930, where he tried to resume a normal life with his "cousin" Jaressa, a noted witch. Before the advent of WWII, he fell into a sleep and did not awaken until fifty years later.

Refreshed and seeking to do evil to satisfy the whims of the wizard, his master, the Baron attempted to destroy the Wolfepack by killing Arctic, their leader. Her loyalty and strength impressed him so much that when she escaped his plans, he did not pursue her. The wizard punished him for his disloyalty by destroying his corporeal body, forcing him to exist as little more than a spirit.

In this new guise, Baron VonToc restored Rebecca, the deceased daughter of Crystal Wolfe, to her mother, then took the child from Crystal and claimed her as his own daughter. He nurtured Rebecca as his own. The child, however, could not stand his demented, evil mind and fled from him.

The Baron, affected by this loss like no other, renounced his ties to the wizard and gave up his old ways. The wizard promptly took away the Baron's dark energy as punishment for his disloyalty, and the Baron ultimately died, having made his peace with his daughter.

But his soul was tied to the River Styx, and the Baron was reborn, being unable to expire completely. Only now he no longer desires to do evil. His mind and soul long for companionship and camaraderie. There are even rumors that he has approached a Wolfepack elder to inquire about membership in their clan . . .

Personal Information

Physical Description

Age: Appears around 30 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'3" Weight: 200 lbs. Race: English/Germanic


  • Occupation: Musician/courtier
  • Goal: To find a meaning for his existence
  • Friends and Allies: A variety - DarkEmbrace, Lady Sydney, Jazeve, Echo, Lillith
  • Family: Rumored to be Jaressa (cousin) and Rebecca (daughter)

Notes: Although a gentleman and quite personable, Baron VonToc can be at times very introspective and moody. If spoken to with civility, he will respond in kind. If he feels abused, insulted or attacked, he will dig deep into his bruised soul and also respond in kind.

Abilities and Powers

  • The Baron can read the average mortal's mind easily, but he must overpower the will of a garou or kindred in order to see into their thoughts. He is also able to implant suggestions in people merely by talking to them and cause imaginings to become reality.
  • Because of his ties to the River Styx, the river of Limbo, he can completely heal or destroy a mortal body by touch. While the healing can be instant, the destruction of a body must first begin with a wound or some other degrading element. He cannot degrade a healthy body.
  • The Baron is still a wandering spirit, and as such, he can by touch draw off the life essence of mortals and garous if he so chooses. The process is very slow and the victim will feel extreme cold before any essence is drained. This ability does not affect immortals.
  • He can create fire and use it as a weapon, but the effect can be overcome easily by an able-bodied person. He can, however, set fire to objects quite easily.
  • Since the Baron's body exists in two worlds at once (Limbo and Earth), he is unable to act violently against anyone on the material plane. He is also unable to be attacked by anyone on that plane. Should he be struck by a weapon specially designed to hurt multidimensional creatures, he returns to his home in Limbo and regains his strength. As of yet no one, including the Baron, has found a totally successful way of keeping him absolutely dead.


  • He cannot tolerate being touched by water. If this happens, he returns to his home in Limbo and regains his strength. The water is symbolic of the River Styx, which has ties to his soul.

Closing Notes

The Baron is neither evil nor totally good. He worships no god or devil but is looking for some meaning to his relentlessly long existence. At times he seems to be leaning one way or the other, but as of yet, he is his own master. His loneliness can cause him to withdraw just when his help could be useful.


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