Vampire Dark Lord Judas, also known as Judas Ascariot, Og BadAss, Crazy J. and Dark Lord, is 800 but looks 20. Standing six feet even and weighing in at 185, Judas has brown hair and deep blue eyes. A scar slashes across his lower left cheek into the chin, and on his leg is tattooed a pitchfork: the mark of an assassin.

Judas belongs to the Garramonde Familia, acting as their spy and advisor, and is the father of Crookk and Zarel. Born Jewish in the Middle Ages, he killed his parents and roamed the earth until settling in the Supernatural realms. There, in his own words, he "married and divorced Mysty Morning in the same week to mess with her head."

Judas was Sired by DogBark, "did lots of nasty things, and still lives to tell the tale."

When asked to list his abilities, powers, flaws and limitations, Judas replied, "What, do you think I'm stupid? Do you really think I will give you the upper hand and tell you my powers and weaknesses? Oh, boy!" The only information we have in this area is:

  • He lists "feels no emotion" as an insanity; and
  • His goals, according to him, are "to start his own family and run the Supernatural realm."


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