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Upon her pale, slender form she wears the pure white robes of a priestess. A rune-inscribed hood covers her head, and shadows too dark to penetrate shield all of her face above her thin lips - although those who have seen her eyes and survived say they glow a deep red. Her movements are seductive and carefully thought out, her voice light and alluring in tone. Around her neck rests a silver serpentine pendant, the Symbol of her God, Set. When she calls upon Set to do His Will, the pendant is known to glow with a faint red aura.

Hidden beneath the hood are perhaps 14 long, dark green scaled serpents that writhe upon her scalp in place of hair, for Sararra is a Medusa.

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When and where Sararra was born is unknown, but she came to serve Set at a young age, and rose quickly in the ranks of His priests. To honor the youngest high priestess ever to hold that title, Set denied death to her, so that she might continue serving Him for as long as possible. Thus although she appears to be perhaps 27, she is in fact over 800 years old.

snake2.gif (17311 bytes)Afraid of nothing but mirrors, she is fanatically devoted to Set, her one aim in life to spread His will and chaos. "Calculating" and "manipulative" are the words that best describe her. Sararra's plans have endless contingencies, her total devotion to Set apparent in every one of her actions. She can turn defeat into victory, all in the Holy Name of Set. Serving a God of Chaos has made her normally emotionless mentality subject to bursts of insanity, when her next action cannot be predicted. At times she has committed acts both of generous kindness and of unspeakable terror and cruelty, all to keep her enemies unsure and off balance. Set is all that matters to her.

Seeking to sow discord in the name of Set, she has poisoned and murdered many in her shadowy past. After coming to these realms, she paid special attention to a mortal who would be a god, Lord Oberaun. Because of his alliance with Set's rival Isis, Oberaun was targeted. Sararra manipulated his wife, RaeDelSol, tortured him and his family, and finally sacrificed his newborn son to Set. He gave up his ties to Isis and was later obliterated by Set's power. This was one of Sararra's crowning achievements, though she has had her hands in numerous other plots as well.

Currently, due to a mistake by one of Isis' followers, Lady Krymsen, Sararra is pregnant. She dares not walk the realms openly for fear of harm coming to her unborn, so she waits patiently in hiding. But she will return ... with a child who has felt her mind washing abilities in its growth inside her.

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Sararra, High Priestess to Set, is a trained psionicist. Her mental abilities focus mostly upon telepathy, domination and manipulation, with minor powers of telekinesis - powers which she rarely demonstrates to their fullest. To use these abilities, unlike a normal psionicist who draws energy from within, she must periodically absorb psionic energy into herself. How she does this is unknown.

Her clerical powers stem, of course, from Set, whose portfolio includes Chaos, Serpents, Scorpions, Desert Storms, Drought, Poison, Murder, Lies, Treachery and Corruption. She casts spells to further those ideals, and though Set is the major God of Evil among the Egyptian Pantheon, He cares for his own, and Sararra will come to heal those in need who serve Him. In her long life she has integrated some of her psionic abilities with her clerical spells, but the results she keeps secret unto herself.

snake3.jpg (21489 bytes)She also has, like all of the Medusa race, the ability to turn those that meet her gaze into stone. Only the powerful and those with quick necks can survive if she removes her hood. Additionally, she is almost constantly guarded by two dark naga under invisibility spells, and can summon creatures from the first of the Nine Hells, Avernus, if she is in need.

Although normally cool and calm, should she become incensed, Sararra becomes highly emotional, spouting Set's will and the folly of going against Him. These outbursts are usually violent and reckless, but she always knows when to retreat and slither back to her hidden Temple. She isn't much of a fighter, preferring sneak attacks with a poisoned dagger, and long-range spells. Her heart is wholly devoted to Set: she can love nothing and no one else. She knows this, and accepts it, yet over the centuries it has eaten at her mind, and this is her only regret.

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