Priestess of Anubis and Princess of Terron

Lady Lahana, or Lani as she is known to her friends, is petite and beautiful, with curling black hair flowing to mid-back and deep blue eyes.  She looks to be a human about 18 years old, with deeply tanned skin marred only by a jagged scar starting under her left ear and ripping toward the midline of her neck.

She was born Princess Lahana in the land of Terron, a peaceful and bountiful country.  The child of Alexander and Ebony Stronghelm, Lahana was raised to worship the god Osiris, as were her two older brothers, Zachary and Richard.

Four months before this writing, a follower of the dark god Set, Dante Oren by name, attacked Lahana's homeland.  Her parents and brothers were executed, and Lahana nearly suffered the same fate, but for the heroic efforts of Cameron, her knight champion, who whisked her away from that cruel fate.

She came to find herself outside the Peaceful Warrior Inn, and made the surrounding realm her home.  Unfortunately, Dante Oren still seeks her, for now he wishes to capture her and return her to her homeland - as his bride.  Numerous attempts to take her have been made, but so far all have failed.  Sadly, Cameron was killed in one of these incidents; her new knight champion is Demon Beast.

She has made many friends here, including CosmoStarfire, Nahgrag, Demon Beast, Gra'anon, and Aegnor ... and some enemies ... and here she found her true god, Anubis.

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anubis.jpg (30149 bytes)Lahana is quiet, seldom even raising her voice.  She is always willing to help those in need, especially those she considers innocents and people who cannot defend themselves.   Especially she tries to keep harm from children, knowing they are the future.  She strives for balance, for this is her god's teaching.  Because Anubis is god of the underworld and protector of souls, she frowns upon raising people from the dead.  She feels strongly that those who have passed on had reached their time: they should be able to remain at rest after judgment is rendered upon them.

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These days Lahana wears dresses of silk or satin, but does don chain mail (which gives off a soft green glow in battle) when the need arises.  Upon her dress is always pinned a brooch picturing a wolf under a full moon, and her anklet is of gold with a center ruby.  Also, she proudly wears about her neck a gold ankh, the symbol of Anubis.

ankh2.jpg (13795 bytes)She has two goals in life.  The first, naturally, is to serve her god to the best of her ability, spreading his word.  The other is to take the troops who escaped with her from Terron and return one day to free the people of her homeland from the tyranny of Set.

When it comes to Set and his minions, she finds it hard to keep herself under control, always wanting to lash out.  Then she looks to Anubis to help her, knowing that the balance of good and evil must be maintained.  This is her most difficult challenge.

She is a well-versed Cleric to Anubis:  her powers are strong, and she can weave powerful magics through her god.  She is an expert with the long and short bow and the long sword, though the use of a crossbow is against her beliefs.   The golden ankh she wears around her neck is a link to Anubis:  it shimmers brightly when she is weaving magic or when danger threatens.  Lahana is ambidextrous, agile, quick and cunning.  Her well-trained sense of etiquette, too, comes in handy at times, enabling her to quell a fight before it begins.  Her feelings get in her way sometimes, especially if children are involved, and of course if minions of Set are in the picture it takes all her will to keep herself from striking them dead.

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Lahana judges no one upon race, color or religious beliefs, saving always those who worship Set - never will she befriend any of these.  She ardently hopes one day to rule her homeland as her father did, with a kind and understanding hand.  She feels overwhelmed at times, with so much to be done and so little time.

She is very close to CosmoStarfire, and feels herself a part of his family.  Her dear friend Nahgrag holds a very special place in her heart.  She will fight for her friends to the bitter end, for it is they who keep her going.

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